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Fiction Section Created


As promised when I started this website at the end of last year, I've started posting some of my fiction writing practice here.

Right now, I have a short story (probably 10 or so chapters) planned titled The Setting of Solaria, which introduces a culture with two disjoint power systems and a few brave souls that bridged the two. It's going to get dark at points, but hopefully won't be too upsetting to readers.

Separate from that, I have a bunch of much shorter works in mind that have been floating around my grey matter for close to a decade, but I never bothered to commit to paper (digital or otherwise).

Some of these narrative ideas are a bit, for lack of a better term, sappy. There's a high chance that it will only be emotionally resonant for very few people, but high-intensity for those select few.

There are also some philosophical ponderings I'd like to practice encoding into a fictional setting. Most of these are simple and could be explained as a lecture in very few words, but trivializing them seems almost disrespectful to the subtleties that manifest when you examine them closely.

This is all to say: Expect for new things to be yeeted at the fiction setting from time to time as I practice writing a very different style than I'm used to.

I hope that, given enough time and feedback, I will eventually not be terrible at it. ;3

Where's The Interactive Fiction You Promised?

Oh, right. That!

Once I feel comfortable enough with storytelling, world-building, pacing, and writing believable dialogue, I plan to try my hand at writing a story where you can choose multiple branching paths. I may also introduce some basic RPG elements, but it probably won't be in-depth enough to consider a game.

Some of this interactivity may involve mini-games, implemented in JavaScript.

I have a lot of ideas. The execution remains to be seen. But I hope someone out there enjoys what I create.

Why Aren't You Focusing On Your Blog Instead?

Most of my blog content aims to be what copywriters call "evergreen content". Even if I wrote it years ago, it should still be relevant and useful today. The stuff I just wrote should be useful years in the future.

If I wanted to blog more, I could deprioritize this sort of writing and instead focus on pushing out more frequent content.

But I wouldn't be happy with that.

I'll write blog posts on Dhole Moments when I feel I have something worth writing about.

Closing Thoughts?

Thanks to everyone that has shared their thoughts and feelings with me about my writing over the years.

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