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New Website Launched


I decided to rebuild my personal website. If you're reading this, it's overwhelmingly likely that you're reading the result of my work right now.

Unlike its previous incarnaion, this website is not open source. This is because I want to hide easter eggs in some of the projects I'm developing, and looking at the source code would spoil them.

This is all in good fun. :3

What's In Store for This Website?

Unlike my blog, Dhole Moments, I'm not relegated to merely posting static content. This gives me the ability to accompany future blog posts with something more interactive.

This also gives me the opportunity to build something fun, like interactive fiction stories.

Heart sticker by AJ_LovesDinos Art by AJ

Aside: I'm not very practiced at writing fiction, so don't expect a lot from its quality.

Otherwise, this place will simply serve as my sandbox for miscellaneous nonsense.

What's Your Expected Update Frequency?


I don't want to make any promises, because I have much higher priorities outside of my hobbies.

What Did You Use to Build This?

This website is powered by PHP, using:

  • NikiC's FastRoute library
  • The League's CommonMark parser for converting quick Markdown files to HTML
    • so I can rapidly write content without having to deal with the tedium of formatting HTML
  • Twig for templating

Everything else about the architecture is custom. There are presently no SQL databases anywhere (although this will likely change in the near future, as my projects become more ambitious).

The CSS is mostly custom (aside from Google Web Fonts).